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Better Typing Demo is a simple program for learning how to type on a keyboard
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How long have you been spending daily in making reports? Is it too long? Have you ever dreamed of having the quickest typing fingers? Better Typing Demo is a program that will help you to learn keyboard typing very easily. It will help you to know different typing procedures on various types of keyboards. Better Typing Demo will teach you how to use all your 10 fingers while writing, without looking at the keyboard.

Better Typing Demo focuses on practical application, so it lets you learn typing on the keyboard with concentrating on the right way of typing, i.e. it will show you the right position of each finger, and which finger you should move to press each letter. All that you need is watch carefully and learn the correct moves for each finger. Better Typing Demo will teach you the best way for keyboard typing in the least time; and although you many find it difficult in the beginning, in a very short time you will be able to type in the right way, very fast and easily. Now you can start a new day with a new skill - all you need is to download the program.

Marian Zaky
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